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History shows us the seriousness of when a group of people are considered inferior and stripped of their humanity.  Before the Civil War African Americans where considered 3/5’s of a person, in the 1935’s Jews were considered sub-human, in 1973 the pre-born baby not considered human. This was part of the lie that would make abortion legal.  It’s been 46 years since the law that made the murder of over 60 million babies legal.  Now in 2019 the battle’s still raging but eyes are opening, and the world is watching and understanding that the pre-born is fully human.  I look back at my own life, 40 years ago, and think how different it would be if I had someone to support me in the truth that my baby’s life mattered.  This is what the ministry of ABBA does. 

ABBA is meeting women at the point of their need

For 20 years now, we have been helping to empower women and men through the gospel of Christ to see the truth of the humanity of their unborn child.  We offer them FREE medical/pregnancy services and Christ-Centered support.  We offer HOPE in what seems like a hopeless situation.  We LOVE them with the truth that their unborn child is fully human and fully loved by God!

You can help us observe this day by

Praying, fasting, becoming a church liaison, hosting a baby shower, and/or filling a baby bottle.  Care-Net (ABBA’s affiliate) offers a six-week course in “Making Life Disciples.”  Ask us how you and your church can obtain this powerful tool in helping to educate the church on the facts of abortion and how the church can step up and be a part of the lives of women and men facing unplanned pregnancy.   Call ABBA @ 207 253-5555 to find out how to obtain the program “Making Life Disciples” and how you can be involved during the Sanctity of Human Life month and beyond! 

He has prepared you and me precisely for this time!

We are so thankful that He answers prayers and surrounds us with those who fervently pray and support ABBA.  We thank God for His favor and the power of the Holy Spirit and your commitment that offers life.  Thank you for giving in honor of SOHL today!