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Medical Services

ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center, provides medical services to abortion-minded women in the Portland community.  The center provides pregnancy testing, limited obstetric ultrasounds, and limited STI testing and treatment with medical professionals and additional client advocates to provide assistance and options counseling during their appointment.  Through these services, ABBA is able to provide hope to women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

Pregnancy Testing

When a woman is experiencing pregnancy symptoms, ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center provides confirmation through free pregnancy testing.  The center’s medical professionals meet with women to discuss their symptoms, administer pregnancy testing, and answer any questions about her pregnancy.

Limited Ultrasound

After a woman has a confirmed pregnancy, she is eligible for a free, limited ultrasound at ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center, to determine the gestational age and viability of their pregnancy.  Medical Centers, like ABBA, have seen 90% of women wanting an abortion choose to keep their baby after seeing them on an ultrasound.

STI Testing & Treatment

ABBA, A Women’s Resouce Center provides testing and treatment for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia for women in the community.  Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can have long lasting effects on women and their babies if left untreated.  Staff provide information regarding sexual integrity, sexual health and relationships.

Options Counseling

Women who come to ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center, may believe they are pregnant or have had their pregnancy previously confirmed by self-testing or another health care provider.  From client advocates to medical staff, women are provided with current, factual information regarding all options available to them for their pregnancy:  abortion, parenting or adoption.

Get Involved

ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center, provides all services to women free of charge.  Your financial donations provide ABBA with the ability to purchase pregnancy tests, ultrasound equipment, and medical supplies needed to serve the women in our community.

Medical professionals, such as registered nurses, ultrasonographers and nurse practitioners are needed to volunteer their time to provide additional appointment times to confirm pregnancy.  For those who want to assist women through their scheduled appointments, you can volunteer to become a client advocate, giving options and hope to the women who come through our doors.

All financial and time donations save lives at ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center.