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ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center, provides hope through services to women in the community.  From free medical services for pregnancy confirmation and STI testing/treatment to parenting programs with mentoring, ABBA supports families that choose life.  Many women believe that abortion is the only option while ABBA shows them encouragement and support to make the decision for parenting or adoption.  You can support the life changing programs at ABBA by donating your time or your finances.  Make a difference.

Medical Services

ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center is able to provide pregnancy testing, limited, obstetric ultrasounds, and STI testing/treatment at no cost to women due to your dedicated support.  These programs help women to confirm pregnancy, see their baby for the first time, and learn about healthy relationships and sexual boundaries.  Theses programs provide hope and life to women who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy.

Parenting and Mentoring

Women are provided with encouragement at ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center through programs that bring women alongside new mothers to help them with resources, skills, and support.  With your financial and material support, the Earn & Learn program provides women with information on parenting while earning points to exchange at the Baby & Mom Boutique as well as mentoring programs for teens facing an unplanned pregnancy and mothers with children over 12 months old.


ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center knows that many women and men are hurting from past choices and current circumstances.  ABBA provides sexual integrity programs for teens to adults, post abortion recovery assistance, prenatal hospice support for women who have chosen to not medically terminate their child, and spirituality classes.