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I absolutely love this time of year! There seems to be something almost magical about the season. It’s as if the world around us gets a sense of something good and loving in the air. “All is calm, all is bright…” Then I think back to the Christmas story and how drastically different it was for the Father and Mother of Jesus. There was no peace, no calm for them. They were fighting to protect the very life of the Son of God. There was war in the heavens, and these parents were called by God to protect His son. What an awesome weight this Mom and Dad had on them.

We at ABBA are here to guide, direct, give hope and speak truth to women and men who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. Their babies are being sought by the same enemy that wanted to destroy our Lord Jesus, and we want to help parents protect their unborn child. Will you be a part of this fight to help protect the unborn? “Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me!”

By giving a special Christmas 2018 gift today, you are strengthening our programs which seek to serve our clients at no cost to them. Such programs include:

  • Life-affirming medical options
  • Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy
  • Healthy relationships/abstinence
  • Limited STD testing & treatment
  • Single Mom’s mentoring
  • “Learn & Earn” Parenting program
  • Teen pregnancy & parenting
  • “Explore your spirituality” Bible studies
  • Post Abortion Recovery
  • Perinatal loss comfort care

Thank you for helping to equip us, through your gifts and prayers, to share the love of Christ as we Celebrate The Miracle of HIS birth, now and throughout the coming New Year.