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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and this is a time for us to reflect and look at how the Lord has blessed us. Just as the Lord has blessed us, we have the opportunity to bless women and babies in our community.


Giving Tuesday 2017 is underway, falling on Tuesday November 28th, and this year is all about sharing YOUR love for women and their unborn babies with YOUR family and friends!

ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center’s 2017 #GivingTuesday Project


Here are a few quick and easy ways to spread YOUR passion this GivingTuesday:

  • Share this year’s GivingTuesday project on your Facebook
  • Send a Giving Tuesday email to your family, giving them a chance to witness YOUR passion
  • Like and share ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center’s Facebook
  • Retweet this using the hashtag #GivingTuesday
  • Forward this blog to two (or three) friends!

If you’re feeling brave, chat about ABBA’s Giving Tuesday Project with a complete stranger!


Spread that is important to YOU and share the gift of life and love this GivingTuesday!


Thank you for having a heart for this ministry and our community!


Happy starring!

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