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Be in the Business of Saving Lives

Every business knows that it takes dedication to make your goals a reality.  Our goal at ABBA,  A Women’s Resource Center is to save and change lives.  ABBA saves the lives of unborn children who are yet to make their impact on this world, and we do that by providing hope and love to women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy.  You can partner with our center to donate finances, services or resources, or time to make the difference in a life.  Dedicate your business to saving and changing lives!

Ways for Your Business to Partner With ABBA

Sponsor an Event

You can partner with ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center while showcasing your business and giving back to your community.  Your business’ unique mission can provide life saving services for women in the Portland area.  Contact ABBA to find out how your business can get involved!

Contribute In-Kind Services

When businesses contribute services and resources, it assists ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center to direct funds to life-saving medical services, parenting, mentoring, and restoring programs.  Contact ABBA to find out how your business can meet the center’s needs.


ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center depends on financial support in order to meet the operating budget each month.  Your business can contribute by giving a donation, hosting a Baby Bottle Bank campaign, or sponsoring an event.  Contact ABBA to see how your business’ tax-deductible gift will contribute to saving lives in the community.

Match Employee Contributions

Your business can make a significant impact on your employees’ financial donations at ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center.  By implementing an employee match program, you can double or even triple a contribution.  Your match can make a difference in the lives of women and children in our community.