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Get Involved

Give the most valuable gift you have:  yourself.  You can make a difference in the lives of men in women in the Portland area who need hope in their lives.  Your service at ABBA,  A Women’s Resource Center, whether on the frontlines with clients, performing ultrasounds so mother’s can see their unborn baby, assisting with facility maintenance or providing funds for center programs to be successful, is the most valuable thing you can give.  Find a way to be involved and you will change a life today!


Your financial gifts allow ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center to make an impact by supporting women, saving children, and sharing the love and forgiveness of Christ.  You can contribute by making material donations,volunteering your time, sponsoring an event, and through financial commitments.  Your donation can save a life for eternity.


Businesses’ and churches’ partnerships make a difference at ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center.  In-kind donations, sponsoring an event, and financial commitments make a difference at the center.  Your partnership will make an impact in your community by changing the lives of men, women and children.


Your time is valuable.  For a few hours a week or month, you can invest your time at ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center to be a part of saving a life, providing hope and making a change in someone’s life.  Volunteers are critical to the ministry of ABBA.  Join us.  Make a difference.