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Refer-minMy daughter is 12 and my son is 14. They are both in a public middle school in Maine. Some of the things we talk about are conversations from school.

“Mom the kids swear a lot on the bus.”

“The kids say that everyone should be able to do what they want when they are pregnant.”

“This girl holds hands with another girl; they say they are bi-sexual.”

“The kids are texting inappropriate things.”

“Mom, my friend texted me and said if he doesn’t show up on Monday don’t be surprised.” Then after he texted his friend back what you mean? He wrote-

“I’m going to kill myself.”

You may have gasped aloud and covered your mouth with your hand, like I did with the last quote. I didn’t make these up; they are all true and happened to my kids. My son was so sad, shocked and horrified. And at first I was sick thinking about this child who texted my son-who was upset about a relationship was so desperate at this young age. Then I was sick thinking about my sweet son-I didn’t want him exposed to this kind of thing. He is too young to be thinking of these things…isn’t he?

How can I equip my children to battle the enemy? Well, I am an RN so my kids know a lot about the human body and probably more than they want to know!  I have taught them about sex and how God has designed our bodies. How outside of marriage sex can cause STI’s (sexually transmitted diseases). GASP again! SEX AND STI’S! Did I really write that? YES!  We can equip our children with a foundation of God’s goodness and perfect creation. Satan twists around all that God creates to be good and perfect. My kids know about STI’s and we talk about how to react to situations when kids are crude and have never been taught God’s goodness. We talk about how marriage is good and how it has been twisted and unimportant. We talk about babies that are perfectly made in the woman’s womb and how God has designed each little person to have a purpose.

When I prayed with my son before bed the night he received this text from his friend. We had called the parents and explained the situation and they assured us they were taking this seriously and even followed up saying things were better. I told my son it was hard for me to have him hear these things and have to think on them. I told him that these things are all around us! People are hurting; people are desperate, lonely, hurting. He told me that the school felt like a dark place. And I told him it was. We live in a dark place; we are a light that shines with Jesus so brightly that people are drawn like moths to a light.  I told my son we will go on this journey together as I have never had teenagers before! But we will hear and see things that are hard to deal with. But we will keep talking-even if it’s hard, keep praying, and keep learning together.

He has been taking one of my Abba pens to school and kids ask him what that means. He tells them what we do at Abba. I asked him why he started taking my pens. He said he it was cool when kids asked what the heck Abba was.

I encourage you to equip your children with God’s word first and foremost. Teach them about God’s plan and purpose for our lives. If you need help a good resource is The Whole Sex Talk video series, (www.thewholesextalk.com) it can be ordered online and used as a small group or individual study. Let’s take a stand and help our kids stand up tall knowing who they are and why!

As parents we can help teach our children who in turn may have opportunities to share their knowledge and help with other kids at school, sports, and concerts. There may be a scared teen that is pregnant and needs help; possibly a child that is struggling with a sexual relationship or other concerns. We cannot look the other way and hope our children are not exposed to the world. Even in a Christian school the kids are struggling. Our kids need to know how to help in a loving, caring way!

Here at Abba, our medical clinic offers FREE pregnancy testing, FREE limited STI testing, FREE limited obstetrical ultrasounds (all performed by our licensed and trained RN’s), options counseling and abortion information. Our support services offered include our Teen Parenting programs, Parenting courses, Pre-Natal courses and education, Abortion Recovery program, Sexual Integrity programs.  Proverbs 4:23-27

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