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As we celebrate and honor the most important Birthday in history, the birth of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, let’s take a moment and remember the birthdays that are being celebrated because of the ministry of ABBA. Since opening we’ve served countless women and men and have helped save 420 Babies! And you too can be a part of these amazing miracles of Birth!

As you celebrate the most Holy and Sacred of Births, Jesus’ Birth, will you help us to continue offering hope to the women and men who struggle to celebrate the anticipated Birth of their Little Miracle?


By giving a special gift today, you are strengthening our programs which seek to serve our clients at no cost to them. Such programs include:

  • Medical Life-affirming Options Counseling
  • Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy
  • Healthy rela onships/abstinence
  • Limited STD testing & treatment
  • Single Moms’ mentoring program
  • Learn & Earn Parenting Skills Program
  • Teen pregnancy & parenting program
  • Explore your Spirituality Bible studies
  • Post Abortion Recovery
  • Perinatal loss comfort care program


Thank you for helping to equip us, through your gifts and prayers, to share the love of Christ as we celebrate The Miracle of HIS birth now and throughout the coming New Year.