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Mark your calendars to join us for our annual Walk for Life!

October 2020 (Date to be Announced Soon!)


Help us make ABBA’s presence known here in the Portland community.



WALK for LIFE 2020

Saturday in October 2020 from 9am to Noon


Registration will begin 9 a.m. at the Lower End of Payson Park. This way we will be able to walk the 2 mile at Back Bay Cove together aa a group. This event is rain or shine!  




Register today and share with your friends, family, churches and on social media. THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO GET OUR COMMUNITY INVOLVED!


If for some reason you can’t walk that day you can walk on your own another day. We would really encourage everyone to come down if you can make it! 


ALL walkers received a FREE t-shirt if you’ve collected any pledge amount!  LET’S BE A PRESENCE IN OUR COMMUNITY! Lets Walk for LIFE!


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