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If you made it to our 16th Annual Banquet with guest speaker/performer Mark Schultz, then you know it was an entertaining, informative and passionate evening. If you were unable to join us this year then please be sure to come to our next banquet in May 2020. We always have an amazing speaker and we also share all the current updates and changes that are happening here at ABBA. It is definitely a night to remember and one we look forward to each year!

We always set a fundraising goal for our events and this year our banquet goal was $50,000. Guess how much we actually raised? $56,585!!! WOW! We are sincerely thankful and excited with this year’s outcome!

Our donors are what keep our pregnancy center afloat. It’s people like YOU who are helping save the lives of unborn babies and change the hearts of the women that come to ABBA.

Thank you for helping to make our 16th Annual Banquet a Success!


If you were unable to attend and would like to give today go to abbaportland.org/donate or call us at (207-253-5555).