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Mother and Baby

Speaking Words of Truth Through Deeds of Love 

Learn how to get involved, and partner with us for life! 

Free Pregnancy Testing

We are available to answer questions, evaluate symptoms, and answer questions!


90% of women planning for abortions choose to keep the baby after viewing an ultrasound. 

Parenting Programs

Support and encouragement through parenting skills, goal setting, and mentoring.

Sexual Health 

Training and mentoring regarding sexual health and relationships.

About ABBA

ABBA, Women's Choice opens its doors to men and women whose lives have been changed due to an unplanned pregnancy. With pregnancy testing, limited obstetric ultrasound, limited STI/STD testing, educational programs, sexual health programs, mentoring, and restoration programs, many lives have been changed because women were empowered to choose life.

Be a part of making a difference in your community by partnering with ABBA. You will be providing hope and life!


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Ways To Get Involved




Image by Camylla Battani


"When I was 20, I found out I was pregnant once again. And again, my whole family was dead set on abortion. I didn't know how I could do it without their support, but I also didn't know how I could survive the heartbreak of another abortion. That's when I found ABBA. From the moment I called, I felt relief. I could tell by the kindness in their voices that they could truly help me. Upon Speaking with these amazing women, I felt a glimmer of hope for the very first time. When I visited their clinic, I started to grow a strength inside of me that wasn't there before. I decided I didn't need anyone else's approval. I was going to keep my baby, and I wasn't doing it alone."


- Alison, 20

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